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Arrived in Boston

The flight was on-time, arrived in Boston early, and just generally wonderful. Unfortunately, we left mom’s disabled parking pass in the car at the hotel in South San Francisco. Oh, well. The rental car will be fine, but I’m dropping in to buy Febreze the next time we pass a grocery store. It smells like old gym socks inside. Like our car last year, luggage will be visible as there is no trunk.


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Final Preparations


One of us hasn’t begun packing. The other was ready a few days ago. As our flight leaves San Francisco early Wednesday morning, we’re spending tomorrow night at the nearby Hampton Inn, leaving the car there until our return. We did the same thing before our trip to the UK last year. (This time, we’re taking the tire valve caps off before we go, though.)

Neither of us has flown Virgin America before, but everything we’ve read about it has been positive. We’re looking forward to the flight and our trip.

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